How To Get A Six Pack – Easy Steps

How To Get A Six Pack

How To Get A Six Pack

You are probably like me, and so many times in your life wondered how to get a six pack. You go to the gym, you go to the beach, and you see all those select men, old and young, displaying a six pack, and in some cases a twelve pack. You get even more upset when you see women with a nice tight stomach, and you wonder even more, how can I have a flat stomach just like that?

You go to the gym, and get depressed as you see many people in much better shape than you. You go home and research websites, one after another, looking for the answer. But, are you looking for a miracle just like I was, or are you seriously looking for a solution?

Could you commit to 6 simple things starting today while we figure out what program is best for you? These are simple tips, but, as simple as they are, if you are not able to commit to them starting today, what are the chances that you will actually choose a workout plan and go at it every day?

You need to change things around

You might have to change the way you do things, including committing time for some movement. We are busy people, but in the end, we need to make time for ourselves and our health. Remember one thing – no matter how successful we are in our professional life or in our private life, we need to take care of ourselves first. Health is what drives everything. Getting a six pack is not as much about looking awesome as it is to live a healthier life.

Are you still with me? These are tips that I learned over the years. Some I ignored for many years until I had no choice but to start implementing them one by one. Would these tips they give you ripped abs tomorrow? No, but if you can commit to start your new life with these simple techniques, you will be able to accomplish anything.

The first three key items to start your journey towards great six pack abs deal with our eating habits.

There is no way around this – we need to change the way we eat.

  • I did not believe the first item for almost two thirds of my life. I used to skip breakfast every day, until I started traveling for business and a mentor taught me to eat breakfast at the hotel because you do not know when your next meal will be. I got into the habit, and it changed my life. I started being more productive throughout the whole day, and in search of how to get a six pack, it helps you to ramp up your metabolism.
  • The second item has to do with hydration – water, water, and more water. Water just helps eliminate the bad stuff, and yes it can help get rid of belly fat! When I say drink more water, this does not include sodas or diet drinks! If you want to get a six pack, you need to get rid of the belly fat first, then the muscles can show up.
  • Third, remove junk food from your home, office, and car. Do not buy it. If you do not have ice cream in your freezer, guess what? You are not going to eat it. The same goes for chips, donuts, and other junk foods you may like.

Last three key items to kick-start your journey on how to get a six pack:

  • Get moving! This is simple enough, isn’t it? Start by walking around the block at home or at your office. If you go to the market,
    How To Get A Six Pack With Insanity

    How To Get A Six Pack With Insanity

    office supply store, or electronics store, do not wait to get a parking spot in front of the store. Park as far as possible from it and walk. Move, move, move your whole body to

  • This suggestion, I think is really hard for a lot of us, especially if we have young children. We need to get enough sleep. As we sleep, our body rejuvenates itself and charges back. The muscles repair themselves. I did not believe this until I started doing P90X and listened to Tony talk ­about it all the time. I started to listen to his recommendations and changed my routine to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. What a difference this made! This is key when you start your routine because it helps you keep up with the daily schedule.
  • Last, but not least, you must be consistent. You need to set the time you will work out and do your best to follow the program. Whatever program you select, you must be consistent with the plan or regimen. You need to stay focused, as once you get that routine in your mind and in your heart, the passion from within has to be there so nothing will stop you.

Now that you are committed to improving your health, let’s pick a program for you!  May I suggest one of the most talked about programs around? Click here to check my Insanity Workout Review or click here to get the program now: Get Insanity by Shaun-T

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