How To Get A Six Pack Fast

How To Get A Six Pack Fast W Insanity

How To Get A Six Pack Fast W Insanity

Many of us wonder how to get a six pack fast. We all want to have things fast, which is our mode of thinking these days. A six pack should be no different and getting ripped fast is something that we should be able to accomplish.

How fast will depend on different factors, that we will review here. You will get enough information to start your journey and should be able to get a six pack in 60 days if you do not have too much fat to lose.

Most people that want to learn how to get a six pack fast are looking for a quick fix. There is no such thing when it comes to losing fat and getting a six pack, unfortunately.

It would be nice if there was a simple pill that you could swallow to make all the fat go away but that hasn’t been devised yet. What you have to work with for now is a diet and exercise program that will reduce your belly fat and make the six pack abs appear.

We need to first look at your present condition: (BASELINE)

How much weight do you have to lose?

  • Are you at your desired weight, but would like to see those ripped abs?
  • Are you carrying some extra belly fat that has to be dealt with before you can see those ripped abs?

Situation number 1:

You are at your desired weight and would like to get a six pack fast. You can purchase an exercise program and start your daily workout routine and, in probably 3 weeks, start to see some results. Would you be ripped? No, not yet, but your muscle definition would have started to show.

Situation number 2:

You have some extra weight on your stomach, and need to find out how to get rid of the stomach fat first. This is going to take a bit longer, especially if you are carrying many extra pounds.

You need to get a program that focuses on the entire body, including both strength training and aerobic training. If you have a lot of extra pounds, you might need to repeat the program until you reach your desired physique.

You must be consistent with any program you choose and never be discouraged

Insanity Workout by ShaunT Results

Insanity Workout by ShaunT Results

There are many products and programs that can help you in your quest to lose weight or get a six pack fast (or both!). I have researched this topic and many weight loss programs and can present to you several options.

Getting a six pack fast could be as easy as just picking your program. The programs out there have different baselines and timetables, and in all cases, the program works fast if you follow it. You can get results in as fast as 45, 60, or 90 days all depending on your baseline.

The key item for you is to pick the method and program that calls out to you and to then stick to it. How to get a six pack fast will depend on your baseline and the program you select.

Create your own workout routine

You could also create your own workout and nutrition routine, although I like to follow a plan: a set program that has been proven to get results.

If you are going to do it yourself, you need to set your plan and strategy by doing the following:

  • Dedicate and schedule the time you are going to work out
  • Define the exercises/routine you will perform
  • Create specific goals: number of repetitions you will perform
  • Create a complimentary fat burning routine
  • Establish how you will monitor your progress: typical key metrics are weight, inches, and body mass index

A must before you start any program

Before you start any program, I recommend that you take pictures of yourself. It is amazing what a motivation it is to have your pictures taken as you progress from a fat belly to a ripped stomach. The pictures showing your progress will encourage you and keep you motivated, and when you compare the before and after images, you will be amazed with what you accomplished.

If you are put off by the fact that some programs require floor exercises, believe me, there is hope.

You need to look for the program that calls out to you and has alternative exercises. You can build a great physique by dancing, kickboxing, or practicing martial arts. I explored the world of devices and programs as I tried to find how to get a six pack fast, and in the end I found that the program you pick has to relate to you, and has to be something, above all, that you enjoy and have fun while doing.

You can remove your belly fat and replace it with six pack abs as long as you have discipline and, of course, the will to do so. Will it happen fast? This depends on your present condition and the program you select, as some programs work in as fast as 60 days. Will you get ripped abs? Most likely!

  • For the ones that enjoy dancing and do not want to do ab exercises on the floor, you could start with Rockin’ Body. This program is by Shaun-T and does provide the exercise and the nutritional guidance.
  • For the ones that like a bit more involved program, with typical ab routines on the floor, I would suggest RevAbs by Brett Hoebel. To check my review click here RevAbs by Brett Hoebel. To go directly to buy the program click here Buy RevAbs. RevAbs provides you with a healthy eating plan. This is a 90 day program.
  • For the ones that want variety, are not afraid to spend 50 to 60 minutes a day exercising and love a challenge, pick p90X. For my review of this program click here P90X Review. If you want to go directly to the p90x website, click here: Get P90X. P90x is a 90 day routine that comes with a nutritional guide.
  • For the ones that in decent shape, and are willing to undergo a daily but rewarding drilling, I would suggest you pick up Insanity. For my review on this program click here: Insanity Workout Review. If you want to go directly to the Insanity Website, click here: Get Insanity. Insanity is a 60 day program and does come with a nutrition guide to follow.

The answer to how to get a six pack fast is simple. You really need to want to do it, including the program and the healthy eating! Let us not forget that eating healthy is key to any program. Select a program that gives you both – the guide for physical improvement and the guide to healthier eating.

Is 60 days fast enough for you?

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Insanity Workout Reviews Get Ripped

Insanity Workout Reviews Get Ripped


  1. James says:

    For those who have been struggling with getting the results you desire for your body, it is most likely due to your workout routine and perhaps even your diet. Some of you might even have lost the motivation because you’ve been going to the gym and getting minimal results. This workout system is No Gimmick. It works and it works rapidly in developing an even six pack of lean abs. I developed perfect abs in less than a month.

  2. ENJYATOPEX says:

    Hey there James,
    Not sure which one of the programs you are using, but any will be a great way to get ripped. Congrats! on your perfect abs in less than a month. Just to be fair to everyone else reading, if you have a weight to lose, fat to burn, you probably will need more than a month to get the abs. Just follow the program that most fit your style and follow the nutrition guide and you are set. But, you have to follow it. PT.

  3. David says:

    When trying to lose fat the most important exercise is aerobics correct? I have often tried to mix it up and interval training routines with Jillian Michaels but in the end I don’t feel I did enough to burn the fat off. Should I do the routine then job on the tread mill or something? I want to lose the fat that is on the middle of my body from thigh to abs.

  4. ENJYATOPEX says:

    Hi David,
    You do need both strength training and aerobics. Muscles actually help you to burn fat. If you want to really kick it a notch, try P90X or Insanity. Check my reviews on those programs. You will not need a tread mill, just follow any of the programs reviewed in this site and you will lose the belly in your mid section.

  5. Deanna says:

    I have always wanted a flat stomach and six pack abs but I can’t ever remember at time that I didn’t have a pooch for my lower abs. When trying to lose fat the most important exercise is aerobics correct? How long every work out should you do cardio or aerobics? How long should you work out period in a given day.

  6. Molly says:

    I have read that in order to lose fat you need to do a of cardio like jogging and walking but that you shouldn’t do crunches or any other kind of ab exercise until the fat is gone then you can concentrate on the muscles and building them up, I think it would be the same for the arms. Do you think this is good advice or is It wrong?

  7. James Hickey says:

    You mentioned several programs, I am 25 years old and in ok shape, but I have yet to get ripped as some of my friends. Most of them go to the gym, but I am working and studying and I really do not have much time.. which one should I pick?

  8. ENJYATOPEX says:

    Hi James,
    If you are in ok shape already, go for Insanity.. You are just the perfect candidate for Insanity. Make sure to come back and post your before and after pictures, or e-mail them to me and will add them to my post.. Also, Insanity has shorter routines, so that will help you save time. .Good Luck! PT

  9. ENJYATOPEX says:

    Just consider cardio and aerobics about the same thing. You should do aerobics and strength training to really get full benefits, that is why I am all for the programs I review here. They combine both, plus they provide you with a nutrition guide that will help you with the food part. The guidelines are all over the place, in my opinion at least 30 minutes, enough time to warm up and then get into it. Hope this helps, PT

  10. ENJYATOPEX says:

    I would do both, as more and more we have proven results that the more muscles you build the more fat you burn. IF you do both, you are helping your fat burning and then you do not have to wait once you remove the fat. PT

  11. Robert Brown says:

    so, you think the fastes I can get a six pack is 60 days? if I go with the Insanity Program?

  12. Jeremy says:

    Iiked your post, i never heard of the program rockin body? is that any good?

  13. Jacob Kehl says:

    i am browsing around, yeah, i want to get six pack abs fast.. but, i am have started many times and then I do not follow and I am yet to get really ripped abs.. maybe is my genetics? hahah!

  14. Robert says:

    good post mate, are these programs available in Australia?

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