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How to get a six pack fast at home

How to get a six pack fast at home, is a question many of us are asking. Today, fitness centers have become a popular heaven for people who are conscious about their figure, especially to those who are looking forward to having six-pack abs.
However, for some of us that just do not enjoy the gym or do not want to pay the expensive monthly fees, what options do we have?
For them, enrolling in specific programs offered by the fitness center can ensure their success in achieving their goals of having a body that is fit and healthy. What about us? Can we enjoy that level of success without driving to the gym?
Of course we can! Here, we will explore our options.

Some of the key draw backs to a gym membership:
  • Membership cost
  • Time to get there and to go back home or to your office.
  • Making sure the machines are not in use when you need them.
  • Re-arranging your life to make sure you get there!
For all those reasons, gym memberships drop with time.
People will look for alternatives, and will inquire how to get a six pack fast at home.

You might want to look into exercise equipment
  • I actually have tried them pretty much all at home. I have to be honest, I was one of those infomercial junkies that bought every piece of “abs” exercise equipment on TV. I think the only one I have not tried is the Ab Coaster, as I am already cured from buying equipment!
  • I always wanted to show my perfect abs, yet none of those wonderful pieces of equipment gave me any results, but gave me lots of pain. You must be extremely careful if you decide to buy.
  • If you ever decide to wonder around and purchase one, while trying to find an answer for your question, here are some areas you should entertain before you buy any piece of equipment.
Or you will make the Salvation Army people smile, again!
Please, do careful research before buying into any of the empty promises.

Make sure you take a look at the following:
  • How much space do you have? Get the actual dimensions of the product before you buy. Once, I bought one of those abs chairs, and when I finally put it together, it took half of the room! Actually is still in my garage! Really comfortable to watch tv, but nothing was happening to my abs.
  •  What are the equipment limitations for size and weight. What if your are 5″ or 6′-5″, or you are 200 lbs, Would you be able to adjust the equipment to your needs?
  • The equipment must be easy to move and easily detachable. What if you have a party, and the chair is the middle of your living room? Happened to me!
  • Go to review sites, see what other people are experiencing. If you see a lot of complaints, do not take the chance. I am going to see if I can post some reviews for the latest pieces of equipment later.
  1. Look for durability issues: are the people complaining about items breaking up. Once I bought the ab circle pro, what a piece of… luckily I was able to return it!
  2. Look for design flaws: are you going to get an injury on your knees or back? You might remember one piece of equipment that was like a little wheel that you hold with your hands while you were on your knees, you go would go back and forth to work on your abs. Don’t laugh, I bought that too. But it hurt my back so much! The little circle mentioned above is known for the problems with lack of support for the knee, even with the latest design.
You might think about home exercises while wondering how to get a six pack fast at home. Keep in mind that you need structure and a set program. If you can come up with something, it will be great. However, most of us do not have time for that, we want some type of guide, a program already established.

Personally, i will solve the question how to get a six pack fast at home, like this:
  • For me, after trying so many things, I feel that a good video program does much better than the gym or the equipment.
  • Usually these programs are a full body program, where you will improve your fitness overall, not just get a six pack.
  • I will pick the one that most speak to me, the one I feel related to.
  • A program that will offer support, guidance, set schedule (where I do not have to guess what is next)
  • A program that will offer nutritional guide, as you need to eat properly in order to succeed in this journey.
  • A program that is not a get fast tomorrow scheme.

Perhaps I can suggest to you, to pick one of the top two selling programs out there.
All you have to do is follow their guidelines, their schedules and their nutrition plans. You can do this at home and achieve great results (if you follow the program)
The two programs are:

P90X By Tony Horton

P90x Before and after men, Get Ripped
I am sure you have heard about it. There are hundreds and hundreds of testimonials of men and women that have tried this program and have accomplished great results.

With P90X you will dedicate around 60 minutes a day for 90 days. p90X has 3 phases. In each phase you will switch around the exercises to implement what Tony calls Muscle Confusion.
This is Total Body Solution and not only would you get six pack abs, you will come a different person. (if you do follow the routine)
P90X is extreme and for the most part fun. You will get a nutrition plan that you should follow along with the exercise program. Click here to check my P90X review.If you are in a hurry and want to get a new body in 60 days, then you have a great option in Insanity. This is totally insane program. You could get your new body in 60 days.
I do have to warn you, unless you are somehow fit already, do not try this program. I am not kidding when I say this is a totally insane program. The daily workout routines are shorter than P90X, however are much more intense. This program will test you to the limits and sometimes you even wonder, why am I doing this? Effective and powerful.
For my review on this program, click here, Insanity Workout Reviews.

If you follow the daily routines along with the nutrition guide, both programs offer you a solution for getting six pack abs fast at home.
Your pick. If you have a questions contact me through my contact form. I had to close comments as many spam comments kept coming.
Go get those six packs!


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