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How to get rid of belly fat for men

Simple tips on how to get rid of belly fat for men.
In my own long quest to find out how to get rid of stomach fat,  I picked some tips that will help you answer the question of how to get rid of belly fat for men.

These tips are all related to eating habits. Yes, you need to keep track of several factors in order to answer your question.

When it relates to eating, these are the tips that I considered most important. 

Eat Your Breakfast. I bet your mom mention this before: “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, didn’t she?  Some people skip breakfast in an effort to lose weight, but this practice is more likely to cause weight gain than weight loss. Eating breakfast helps kick-start your metabolism first thing in the morning so that you burn more calories throughout the day. Skipping breakfast is strongly linked to the development of obesity. If you skip breakfast, you will tend to eat more food at the next meal or take high-calorie snacks to avoid being hungry. The first thing I do when I wake up, I brush my teeth and then prepare a protein shake. You might say, hey that is not real food. I will say, maybe is cheating a little bit, but it does the trick! It helps me regulate the sugar level.

Concentrate on eating, when you are eating. Avoid any other activity while you eat. Let your brain and stomach synchronize. What do I mean? Since your mind and focus will be on the other activities, you would not be able to watch the amount of food that you are eating, more important you will not notice when you begin to get full, the “I am full” sign will never reach your brain and you will just continue to eat. Furthermore, as you concentrate, count until 20 as you chew your food. Not only will you improve your digestion function, you will be more conscious of your fullness level.

This particular trick helped me a lot. I first noticed it when eating Korean food, I used to eat a full bowl of a tofu soup, but after I implemented the trick, I could not believe it. I could only eat half! Counting works!

Counting? You probably are asking your self, probably rolling your eyes… is this really an answer to my original question: how to get rid of belly fat for men?
And I will say, totally! Not the only one, but it will help you tremendously.

Eat meals smaller portions, 5 times a day. You probably heard this before, the news have been around for a while, yet, many people still stick to large lunches and even larger dinners. This is not even related to the amount of calories but the spread of the calories during the day. Many studies suggest that people tend to accumulate more body fat when they eat fewer, larger meals than when they eat the same number of calories in smaller, more frequent meals. This is something I have practiced for many, many years. Actually my body is so used to it that I do not even have to think about it.

Drink your water. The more water you drink, the better. You don’t have to stick just drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water when you can drink more. But we are required to drink that much water everyday to keep hydrated. This would regulate fat burning and body metabolic process. Yes fat burning! Isn’t this what we are after, how to get rid of belly fat for men?

Avoid junk food. Surprised? You did not think I will mention it? Believe me, you can do as many sit ups, crunches, dvd’s, as you might want, you could buy the most expensive “ab” equipment, however, if you keep drinking  sodas, eating fried foods, donuts, muffins, and potato chips, you will go nowhere with this. Be truth to yourself.

Do you want to Enjoy Your Abs? Show them to the world? Or you will just cover them forever?

You are here because you want to find out how to get rid of belly fat for men. You need to be honest with yourself, if you are not willing to let go of the junk food, including “diet food”, diet sodas, your dream is going to be just that, a dream. You can do it. I did.

How to get rid of belly fat for men, is gluten free an alternative?
For health reasons, i had to completely change my life and stop eating gluten. Gluten, the base on any wheat product, imagine that!

You should know that being gluten free has save my life, you might like to give it a try.

There are plenty of options out there for gluten free products. I am not saying you have to, but it is always an option.

Hope you have picked some ideas and you got an overview of how to get rid of belly fat for men.


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