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You are trying to find out how to get a six pack. The truth is often hidden behind layers of lies, much like your washboard abs are hidden behind layers of fat. People – from armchair trainers to your closest group of friends – will tell you that getting a six pack is easy. All you have to do is do a few crunches each night and you’ll look like you have a plate of iron sitting underneath your skin.

If getting a six pack was that easy, then toned abs would be the norm, not the exception. But, don’t be dissuaded by this foray into the truth, because you can get those sculpted abs you always wanted – if you eat right and do more than a series of crunches each night.

How to get a six pack with a diet change

  • Eating healthy isn’t optional; it’s a must. You can’t snack on chips, slam down a 2-liter of Coke and then do a few ab exercises and expect your ab area to look anything other than flabby.
  • Cutting out soda and heavy alcohol is the first step. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages contain a boatload of calories, to the tune of 140-180 per serving. Drink 3 of those each day and you’ll be hard pressed to ever get a six pack. Replace your poor drinking habits with good ones by drinking solely water. If you need your cup of coffee in the morning, fine – but one cup. After that, it’s water all day.
  • Moving onto food. Look at the nutrition labels before you purchase anything from the grocery store. You don’t have to guess if the food you’re eating is unhealthy, because the manufacturer tells you right on the label. Avoid foods that have excessive amounts of fats, calories, sugars and sodium per serving. That means chips, popcorn, ice cream need to become a rare treat. It’s easiest if you simply don’t buy junk food; that way you won’t be tempted to eat it.
  • Look for foods that are high in protein. Eggs, fish, nuts – these all contain solid amounts of protein, which helps your body repair itself faster after exercise. How does that fit int into your sculpted ab equation? If your body’s able to repair itself faster, then your muscles build faster.

How to get a six pack through exercise

  • Want to know a secret that everyone else fails to tell you about building toned abs? You need a full body workout. Those people who say you just need to work on your abs are full of it. A full body workout is absolutely essential to building strong abs. Your back, your shoulders – everything complements one another and helps you achieve a well-balanced physique.
  • If you’re unsure of what a full body workout consists of, try a workout program that’s designed to target each area of your body, like Insanity or P90X. Both are intense and push you to your limits, but they work wonders.
  • As far as the type of ab exercises you should perform – the trick is to vary it up. Crunches are fine – as part of a Monday exercise. But after doing 40 or 50, move on to something else, like Roman situps, mountain climber or a side plank. And instead of doing the standard crunch, mix it up with a ball crunch or reverse crunch.
  • Exercise and diet are the golden keys to unlocking that six pack you always wanted. But it takes a lot of work and determination just like practicing typing that you need alot of effort to practice using keyblaze typing application. Don’t believe anyone who tells you it’s easy and that you can do it in five minutes or less each day. It’s simply a bold faced lie.


Isometric Execises: What Are They?

Isometric Exercises, the art of exercising even without moving? Can this be true? With all the hype on weight loss nowadays, it can really be confusing to find out what works and what doesn’t. All these noise and bold claims from various sources is very distracting. No matter what the media says, there are only two things you need to lose weight – a well-balanced diet and good dose of exercise. There are no quick fixes when it comes to losing weight. On the bright side, there are plenty of options with regards to food choices and exercise programs. One such type of program is motionless exercise also called Isometric Exercises. Is this new? Isometrics, motionless exercises provide a way to stimulate your muscles without having to move or lift heavy weights. Although this form of exercise has been around for thousands years, it has only been recognized as form of strength training in the 1900′s and is widely used today by athletes, weight trainers and power lifters. So how do you do it?

Is Building Muscle Mass That Important?

Many think about Muscle and Fitness as their way to get into great shape. When you think of a perfect body, what is the first question that comes to your mind?  How to get a six pack? How to reduce belly fat? You may be thinking of how great you will look in a new swimsuit or how much better you will look in your everyday clothes, when your body is in its fittest condition. You may not believe it but building muscle mass is the key to that perfect body. The relationship between muscle and fitness level is so strong, that is hard to deny it. Whether you are naturally thin or overweight and out of shape, it is muscle that will give your body the look you want. This is why exercise routines which focus on building muscle mass are the foundation to a good workout program. While increasing your body’s overall strength, building solid muscles will firm and tone your contours.  From biceps to abs to thighs, solid muscle mass will change your “acceptable” body into your “ideal” body. Do muscl…

P90X Fitness Guide You Do Not Want To Miss

As the interest to know more about P90X remains extremely high, I decided to bring more information to you in a form of aP90X Fitness Guide. I want to help you through the decision on buying the program, deciding which P90x Workout Schedule to use, how to get and keep your P90X motivation, and many more topics. The P90X Fitness Guide will grow as I add more topics and I gather more information and experience using P90X2. You can click the links (dark red words) to get you to the topic of your choice: P90X Reviews, will give you the ins and outs about the programDoes P90X Really Work, will help answer that burning question that many are askingInsanity vs P90X, compares the two programs to help you decide which one to buyP90X Lean Schedule, give you in depth information on this particular P90X scheduleP90X Motivation, summarizes techniques that you can include to keep you involved and motivated through the programP90X Schedule, provides the difference between the P90X Lean, P90X Classic…

How to Get Rid of Stomach Fat

Which is easier: trimming fat or trimming your grass? If you believe most of the commercials and fat-burning products out there today, you’re probably thinking it’s a tossup. But getting rid of stomach fat isn’t something you can do by clapping your hands or blinking your eyes. A thin stomach is a product of ideal eating habits and a solid exercise routine. Eat right, workout and I guarantee you that your stomach will shrink. The rolls of fat and globs of skin will melt off like butter. But you need to practice consistency. Getting rid of stomach fat doesn’t happen overnight, or even over the next 12 nights. It happens gradually, but it does happen. How to get rid of stomach fat: Eating Healthy Getting rid of stomach fat requires you to overhaul your diet plan. A few things to keep in mind and keep out of your body as much as possible: Fats. Particularly saturated fats and trans fats. They’re simply not good for you. There are good fats out there, but you don’t need to worry about them…

Physical Fitness

Everyone would like to be considered physically fit. Physical fitness is a term that is commonly used, but you may wonder what it actually means. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS), Physical Fitness refers to a set of attributes that a person possesses that relate to their ability to perform certain physical activities. Five key elements are necessary to be considered physically fit. These include muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, cardio-respiratory endurance and body composition. If a person isn’t considered fit in one of these areas, he cannot be considered physically fit. Understanding what each of these terms mean will help you understand what is involved in physical fitness.

Five Key Elements To Physical Fitness Muscle Strength: Muscle strength refers to the muscle’s ability to exert force throughout an activity. Muscles can be strengthened by working them against the resistance of weight or gravity. Weight lifting and performing lung…

Core Exercises

Arguably, some of the most beneficial exercises are those that work the body’s core, called Core Exercises. This area of the body is comprised of the abdominals, glutes, lower back and obliques, which are the abdominal muscles located on each side of the body. Strong core muscles can improve posture, balance and stability, along with reducing the risk of injury and alleviating back pain. To obtain the full benefit from doing core exercises, there are a few points to remember. First, do a variety of different exercises that work all the core muscles rather than only one exercise. Working the upper, lower and side abdominal muscles will produce the washboard effect that most people desire.Second, always use proper form. It is better to do fewer repetitions with proper form than to do more with bad form, which can lead to injury or lackluster results.Lastly, using proper breathing will ensure the exercise is done properly, with comfort and without dizziness due to lack of oxygen. The cru…

Easy Way to Lose Weight: Simple Tips to Follow

Is there aneasy way to lose weight? One of the biggest reasons so many people fail to lose the weight they really want to lose is that they have an aversion to exercise. The word ‘exercise’ makes many people immediately picture red-faced, sweaty, breathless sessions at a gym, surrounded by muscle-bound gym-addicts that make them feel completely worthless. What these people forget is that exercise doesn’t have to happen in a gym. In fact, it doesn’t even have to happen for three straight hours on a treadmill every night. Is 30 minutes a day enough? Research has proven that 30 minutes of physical activity each day plays a positive role in weight loss and long-term weight management. It also plays a huge part in reducing your risk of heart disease, improving your respiratory health and reducing your risk of Diabetes Type II. If you find aneasy way to lose weight fast, you will stick to it, is that simple!That same research has also shown that it’s very possible to spread out your 30 minut…
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